Panel Pool DIY Kit

    Each panel is 2000 x 270mm x any of the depths listed.

    The panel can be either 1.2m 1.35m or 1.5m in depth.

    The shell will be delivered direct to your door, from your design, size, c/w all panels and holes cut, steps, skimmer, main drains, inlets, vacuum point, lights(optional), ready for your to finish off.

    They are very lightweight and easy to handle, can be put together very quickly, The structure is self-stable and therefore does not require any reinforcements or struts to hold it in place, On its outer skin its front face is very smooth.

    Once assembled on a clean base, the panels are reinforced with steel and then filled with concrete, (the walls use half the amount of concrete a conventional panel pool uses),  the slab is poured at the same time, which is tied in with the walls making it one complete shell with no joints.

    The steps will be marked out, and supplied ready for you to install, The steps are reinforced like the shell and also poured at the same time as the main shell, We have various step designs to choose from.

    We would recommend a thin layer of foam applied to the shell walls and floor before the liner is installed.

    Please contact us for more details and prices.