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Insulated Concrete Forms

Building energy efficient walls

Insulated Concrete Forms is one of the general terms given by the building industry for the revolutionary pre-insulated building blocks used to build energy efficient walls for homes.

WARMERWALL Insulated Concrete Forms (PSI-4000 series)

WARMERWALL insulated concrete forms (blocks) is a simple approach to building energy efficient walls.  

Our icf blocks are made of a high-density graphite infused insulation with a strong steel frame which together form a rigid block that is light to carry (around 6kg) and easy to build with.  

The blocks have a tongue and groove design allowing the pre-formed corner blocks and straight blocks to interlock snuggly together. 

When each storey has been built the blocks are then filled with liquid stone (concrete) to create a wall with extraordinary (some would call magic) properties.

A WARMERWALL ICF straight form covers 0.72 square metres of wall area meaning you can build alot of wall area fast. In addition, the block arrives to you pre-assembled which means you can get on with the job at hand straight away.

Our WARMERWALL block is manufactured in the UK. This means we can offer on most occasions near immediate delivery of blocks directly to site.

ICF Block Specification

Warmerwall Standard Size

The standard straight block (icf form) is 1200mm length x 600mm high which builds 0.72m2 of wall area with every block put in place. This, together with pre-formed right and left-handed corners, makes for a very fast building method. Our insulated concrete forms (blocks) are available in two overall widths – 280mm and 330mm. The insulation used is high density graphite infused flame retardent EPS. This insulation has a LAMBDA value of 0.030 W/m/k.

280mm wide - Warmerwall ICF

These WARMERWALL insulated concrete forms (icf blocks) have 2 sheets of EPS insulation with each sheet 65mm thick along each side with a 150mm concrete core.

These forms are usually used in the construction of icf insulated walls in buildings under 4 storeys in height.

280mm wide straight block

Blocks dimensions are: 1200mm x 600mm x 280mm (150mm core for concrete) – 0.72m2 wall area

280mm wide corner block

Blocks dimensions are: 1360mm x 600mm x 280mm (150mm core for concrete) – 0.816m2 wall area

330mm wide - Warmerwall ICF

330mm: This icf form (block) is similar in that it also has 2 sheets of EPS Insulation with each sheet 65mm thick along with a 200mm concrete core.

This core size is usually required for basements, pools and buildings of over 4 storeys in height.

330mm wide straight block

Dimensions: 1200mm x 600mm x 330mm (200mm core for concrete) – 0.72m2 wall area

330mm wide corner block

Dimensions: 1460mm x 600mm x 330mm (200mm core for concrete) – 0.876m2 wall area

Additional Benefits

A Warmerwall insulated concrete form brings many additional benefits when used to build an insulated wall.

Steel Ties and Fixing Strips

This patented design is engineered to maximise strength.

The forms also have Steel Fixing Strips every 150mm on a vertical plane to allow heavy loads (radiators, wall cupboards and external fittings) to be attached to the walls. This ease of fixing provides the opportunity for time savings for follow on trades.

Tongue and Groove

WARMERWALL ICF’s have a tongue and groove edge design which allows the icf blocks to move against neighbouring icf blocks easily in infinite increments.

The tongue is easily cleaned of any concrete spillage before the next layer is placed, something which is more difficult with castellated edges.

Facts at a glance

Concrete used in the Warmerwall insulated concrete forms (icf blocks)

  • A pumpable C25/C30 mix with 10mm rounded aggregate and 120mm slump.
  • Fibres or waterproofing or other additives can be added to the concrete.
  • Concrete can be poured up to an ideal 3 metre high per day. A 4 x person team.

A Finished Wall

  • Typically has a U value of 0.227 W/m2k.
  • Achieves a 50dB noise reduction with 12.5mm plasterboard each side.
  • Provides 3hr fire protection.
  • Air leakage typically better than 3m3/(h.2) without need to parge.
  • A typical house with 200m2 of floor area can be built with 244 WARMERWALL blocks weighing 1465kg compared to building the same house with 10,700 bricks with 1,700 blocks and mortar and insulation.
  • Junction details provide enhanced resistance to cold bridging.
  • Extremely low risk of surface or interstitial condensation.