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When you first consider installing a pool, most people think only about the pool itself, the problem is that most pool builders have very little interest in thinking through the installation in totality. Builders are not architects or designers. Understandably they want to win the pool contract, build-it and move on, they have no interest or profit in considering the best overall holistic approach to the pool and its environment.

Unless you use an architect or professional landscape design firm, you risk investing in a pool but missing the opportunity to have a stunning pool experience – the designed magazine look that characterises high quality pools.

Decide the functional requirements first, who will use your pool and when, might sound like an odd question until you consider the functional requirements of the pool in the design process? there are other functional questions too which are important in the final execution, If you want a diving area, this needs to be reflected in the depth of the pool in order to have a safe diving zone of greater depth, many pools have a water depth of 1.4m, but do you want it all one depth or graduated? If you want to accommodate young children, do you want a shallow zone incorporated into the design? If you are a serious swimmer you may consider having maximum swim length but shorter width for the same budget [if you have the space], and then there’s pool heating. If you want to use the pool 365, you’ll need a different system to a standard pool heating system which simply extends the season.

Consider what is important to you, because, with some pool builders they’ll be restrictions as to what you can and cannot incorporate with certain systems, of course, if you’re using an architect or designer like Easy Pools all of these elements are considered in the project brief, in the end, we’ll build want you want, not force you to accept the compromises pool builders may restrict you to.

Nothing illustrates the importance of holistic design more than the hard-landscaping components of the pool environment, the terraces, access paths and other built components such as walls, drains and shade structures [pergolas etc.] and any concrete slabs all have to be considered at the same time, this type of heavy work is messy and requires access for machinery and materials and is more expensive and far more difficult to do later, you also risk losing the overall design look of the pool environment.

A common mistake is not to realise that once terraces are added runoff from rain is greatly increased, a lack of effective drainage can cause flooding or run-off into the pool itself or neighbouring property, drains have to drain somewhere and without careful design, problems can arrive later that can be difficult to resolve.

Sprayed concrete is known as either gunite or shotcrete, Easy Pools uses gunite, the difference between the two materials is that shotcrete arrives on site in a dry form and water is applied at the spraying nozzle where as gunite arrives as a wet mix.

The most important thing about either material is that it is blown by compressed air into the structure at a high pressure, this means that the building method is potentially much quicker than pouring concrete into a shuttered form, and as the force used in the process compresses it making it much stronger.

In either case the concrete is sprayed into a rough former around the sides and on to an aggregate floor. Steel reinforcing bars tie the whole structure together and are covered by the sprayed concrete.

This method of construction means that pools of almost any shape can be designed and built, sprayed concrete pools have no joints to worry about; and the method is suited to potentially inaccessible sites such as underground pool rooms or tight areas.

luxury pools deserve high end equipment & finishing’s.

Once the shell is blown, rendered and the floor screeded, the next thing is to look at the euipment and finishing’s, it only makes sense to make sure that the fixtures and fittings do justice to the project.

Stainless steel skimmers and inlets give a wonderful finishing touch to any completed pool. in Easy Pools experience stainless steel pool fittings will not only give a classic and elegant finish to your pool but will keep on looking good for years and years to come.

Other things to look at lighting for the pool, this makes the biggest difference to the final look of your pool, at least after dark, LED lighting is the norm for most new builds these days but not all LED lighting is created equal to AQUAPHAROS, Easy Pools use this as a standard unit on all our pools.

Of course, a swimming pool is all about the water and one of the best ways of getting the ultimate bather experience is to use UV (Ultra Violet), water treatment combined with Electrolysis (Salt Water), the main benefit of switching to UV and salt disinfection is improved water quality, the purpose of a saltwater pool is to reduce the level of microorganisms (usually by 99.9% or more) to safe levels, some products have a secondary purpose, which is to oxidize organic contaminants such as body oil, perspiration, urine and sunscreen, oxidation is the “burning up” of these organic contaminants, saltwater pools only serve the purpose of sanitation, and do not have the ability to oxidize contaminants, so thats why we have added the UV to deal with the other contaminants.

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